Locally Produced Products now in the Spa

We are excited to partner with other women owned businesses as we begin to feature local artisans in our spa. Come in soon and check out these amazing products!

Sirrah Candle Company’s story begins with a love of burning amazing fragrant candles. Sheryl Harris suffered with asthma her entire life and while she loved fragrant candles, the wax in many would trigger an allergic reaction. After realizing that most candles on the market are made with wax that are not environmentally-friendly, Sheryl began experimenting with making candles.

Soy, derived from natural vegetables, became the wax of choice for our products. Soy burns petro-carbon, soot free and is eco-friendly. We also prefer to use wooden wicks in our candles for an even cleaner burn. 

Sheryl’s fascination with crafting fragrant candles has now become a passionate labor of love that is poured into every single one of the candles she makes.  Her goal is to always create highly fragrant candles that even when extinguished their aroma continues to permeate any space

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Silvia Samarelli is an OR Nurse who just recently relocated from North Carolina and began making products with Essential Oils in 2006. In 2019, she opened a small online shop.


Silvia makes a variety of Chemical Free custom products using Young Living Essential Oils. With products ranging from sprays, rollerballs, infused jewelry and more.


Let Silvia help you create a wellness lifestyle with non-toxic products for you, your family & your environment.

Natural Health Botanicals

Natural Health Botanicals was started after Lauren Hise’s year long journey researching and using CBD.  As Lauren was recovering from a bad car accident and trying to go back to work, she realized she could not function full of pain killers and muscle relaxers. Lauren tried a CBD tincture to help cope with her pain and anxiety, and weaned herself off of all three pharmaceuticals she was taking within two weeks!  Lauren never looked back and no longer takes prescription meds of any kind, and hasn't since she began taking CBD. 

Lauren became very passionate about what CBD could do, how it could help people, and telling everyone she could about it.  She believes EVERYONE is experiencing something CBD can help with, and Lauren wants to encourage everyone to try it to see if it could help them without the harsh side effects they would most likely experience from drugs.