Soft Sugar Wax

Thread Beauty Spa's Sugar Wax is organic and handmade. It contains only sugar, lemon juice, and water. 


***Recommended for professional use and experienced users***

***If you're trying out sugar wax for the first time, please read ALL instructions carefully. Incorrect use could cause bruising and inconsistent removal of hair***


Soft Sugar Wax

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  • Reasons to use Sugar Wax over other waxes:

    1) Sugar wax is gentler than traditional honey or hard wax.

    2) Sugar wax does not stick to the skin. It grabs only the hair and pulls it from the follicle. 

    3) Sugar wax has no additives, oils, chemicals, or preservatives. 

    4) Any residue left over from the wax can be washed off with water. Other waxes require post-wax treatments or oils to remove the wax off the skin.

    5) Sugar wax is warmed to body temperature. It is not hot and will not burn the skin when used correctly.

    6) Sugar wax is applied AGAINST hair growth. This makes sure all the hair is lifted so the wax can latch onto the hair. The wax is then removed IN THE DIRECTION of hair growth so the hair doesn't break.

    7) Sugar wax will leave your skin smooth and hairless for 2-6 weeks.


    1) Warm wax to 105-110 degrees (body temperature is 98 degrees). If using microwave, warm 10 seconds at a time. If temperature is higher than 110 degrees, cool wax before use. Wax should feel lukewarm. It should not be hot.

    2) Clean the hair removal area and apply powder to dry skin.

    3) Using a wooden stick or spatula, apply the wax in the OPPOSITE direction of hair growth. 

    4) Press wax strip onto the wax and rub strip firmly.

    5) Hold skin taut & pull the strip IN THE DIRECTION of hair growth in a quick motion.

    6) After waxing is complete, clean area with water and apply Aloe as needed. 

    7) Store wax in a cool, dry place.

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