Beauty Byline with Sanah: Real Men Get Facials

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

You’ve heard of the phrase “Sun’s out, buns out” but let’s be real - when it’s hot, almost everything is out. With the extra exposure of skin, it is important to prepare it and repair it. Women tend to be more alert when it comes to taking care of their skin. Men, on the other hand, are just now starting to explore skincare. I always get asked, “Do men get facials?” And my response is always the same. “If he has skin, he needs a facial. Skin doesn’t look at gender. Skin is skin.” This rise in male use of spa services is forcing estheticians to expand their menus to better serve all clientele.

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Book. A. Facial. Now. A facial typically consists of cleansing the face, exfoliation and extractions, mask, serums and moisturizer. Did you know that men have larger pores than women? Large pores mean more acne and blackheads. Men also have thicker skin than women and constant shaving leads to razor burns, breakouts and ingrown hair. Estheticians will deep cleanse the skin, extract blackheads and ingrown hair, and use product to prevent future breakouts. If you have facial hair, shave it before your facial appointment for best results.

I recently got a body scrub (facial for the body) and it was divine! Not only was the treatment relaxing, it was effective and informative. My skincare specialist immediately asked, “Did you know you have large pores and blackheads?” No, I didn’t - I can’t see my back! But it explains why there is discoloration (aka hyperpigmentation) which is a result of injury or inflammation such as acne. She pulled out her tools and went to work. An hour later, my back was cleaner and brighter, and I was rejuvenated!

Men, take a look at body treatments especially if your job or lifestyle causes you to sweat. Just like the skin on your face, your body also needs to be cleansed and exfoliated because breakouts, blackheads and ingrown hair can happen anywhere. Many spas are adding scrubs and body polishes to their men’s menus because let’s face it, we all need a little bit of help getting to those hard-to-reach areas.

My advice to everyone - male and female - is get a facial and body treatment once every four to six weeks in addition to taking care of it at home. Late teens is a good time to start getting facials and no age is too old. If you have skin concerns, find a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist specializing in your concern. This person will let you know if you need treatments more often or every quarter, and use product and treatments tailored for your specific needs. It’s very important that you go to a licensed professional. These individuals are not medical doctors but they do study the skin and how to treat it. They will let you know if your skin concern needs a dermatologist or if their treatments can do the trick.

Make me a promise: this summer you’ll prepare your skin by slapping on sunscreen and repair it at your neighborhood spa. Deal?.

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