Beauty Byline with Sanah: Heal the Heels

Dry, cracked heels can be painful, irritating, and uncomfortable. For me, they were

embarrassing. too. Because I love wearing flip-flops and sandals, and walking barefoot, I was

constantly battling with rough and dry heels. My monthly pedicures were not fixing the problem

so I had to find another solution.

A quick Google search brought up suggestions like, moisturize regularly with thick heel creams;

stop using foot scrapers during pedicures; and start using a pumice stone a few times a week in

the shower. That’s how I started on my road to healing my heels.

Don’t ask why but because babies have soft skin, I thought using baby products might help

speed up the process. I picked up a tube Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel. BEST DECISION EVER! I

would use a pumice stone during showers three or four times a week and apply baby oil gel on

my heels after every shower. I did this for six months and sure enough my heels were clean,

soft, and so so smooth.

It’s now years later and I still do this. I’ve switched from baby oil to Vaseline and I don’t use the

pumice stone unless I need to. I truly believe the reason this works for me is because I oil my

feet right after I shower. My skin is soft and primed to be hydrated. The petroleum jelly locks in

the moisture before my foot has the chance to dry.

I’ve also struggled with corns on my feet. I thought pedicures would take care of them, but within

a week they would be back. I recently was able to get rid of them permanently. I bought corn

remover pads from Amazon and in about two weeks, the corns were gone. These pads have

red ointment or cream on them that basically dries out the corn and makes it easier to remove.

Once you’re able to remove the corn, moisturize and wear socks until the skin is fully healed.

And since I’m taking care of my feet, I go ahead and use my favorite lotion all over my legs and

arms. I’ve noticed my skin has gotten softer and healthier as the years progress.

So that’s my secret – baby oil gel or Vaseline with pumice on my heels, and lotion immediately

after every shower for soft and healthy feet. The healing timeline will be different for everyone

but you should get the result you desire as long as you are consistent with it. Make it a part of

your shower routine and you’ll be one step closer to healing your heels.

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