Beauty Byline with Sanah: Five Ways to Keep Your Skin from Cracking

Wasn’t it just 90 degrees? How is it already October? The transition from summer to fall can be

hard on your skin. And if you’re already on the drier side, you’re dreading the cooler temps.

Plus, climate change isn’t helping.

Before we get into tips on how to keep your skin soft and smooth, it’s important to understand

the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin. Dry skin is your body’s way of telling you it

needs oil. Dehydrated skin is when you look in the mirror and your skin looks wrinkly and thirsty.

Your skin needs water to make it soft but it also needs oil to keep the hydration from escaping.

You can help your skin from the inside by consuming enough water and eating the right foods

and from the outside by helping it hold onto moisture.


The hot air blowing from the heater is drying out your skin. Running a humidifier while you sleep

will add moisture in the air and your skin can grab this extra moisture for hydration.

Shower Temperature

Who doesn’t love a long, hot shower on a cold day? But the momentary pleasure could be

causing long term damage. Experts say the heat from the shower softens the skin’s natural oil

barrier while the soap washes it away. Once the barrier is gone, the skin loses its hydration

which can lead to itchy and irritated skin. Keep the water at lukewarm temperature and try not to

spend more than ten minutes in the water.


As soon as you get out of that shower, moisturize. Immediately applying lotions or oils to the

body while it is wet helps trap that water and uses it to hydrate the skin. In-shower moisturizers

are also a quick way to lock in the water. Keep lotions all over the place to make it easier for you

to remember to moisturize.

Rose Water Spritz

Rose water is a natural way to keep your skin hydrated all day long. Use it as a toner after

washing your face or spray a little throughout the day to freshen up your skin. Rose water has

strong anti-inflammatory properties and may even help soothe the irritation of eczema or



Hydration is very important for skin health but this doesn’t mean go overboard. Drink the

recommended amount for your body type and lifestyle. Stay hydrated so the oils and lotions you

put onto your skin can trap in moisture to keep your skin looking supple.

A lot goes into the health of your skin because everything impacts it. Medications, diet, pollution,

climate change, mental state, genetics - it all ties in. There’s no right formula, you’ll just have to

try things out until you find what works for you. These tips are a good place to start. And like

with everything in beauty, you have to let it work.

Be consistent and committed and you’ll see results.

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