Sanah Sayani is a master cosmetologist and owner of Thread Beauty Spa. The salon offers waxing, skin care services and eyelash services. 

Sayani’s parents encouraged her to study business, which she did at Emory University. “I dabbled in the arts and philosophy, too,” she recalled. Sayani, who also attended the University of Georgia’s journalism school, worked in broadcast journalism—radio and television—for a while before going to work at a family-owned pizza franchise. “That was where I learned the value of entrepreneurship. I knew I wanted to own a business, but I wanted to choose one that was suited to who I am.”

After considering her talents and interests, Sayani decided that opening a spa was the right move for her. “I didn’t want to just offer a product; I wanted to offer a service that makes people’s lives better. I wanted to interact with people in a personal way. Women make a strong connection to those who provide personal services such as hairdressing and beauty treatments. They are loyal to those who provide those services when they’re really happy with them. That’s my goal to make every client who comes in decide after her first visit that she has found her spot. Before I was a business owner, I was a consumer of spa services. I know what it takes to make me happy; I feel I can make others happy, too.”